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Opening MAXXI MAXXI Opening TalksSide view installation Antonella perin, Susanna Perin, Alessandro Lanzetta

SMU-research and Philippe Vasset

MAXXI Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome
April 2 to May 3 2015

Works by: Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, Alison Crawshaw, Christian Hanussek, Alessandro Lanzetta, Antonella Perin, Susanna Perin, Alexander Schellow, Tobias Zielony

The project Informal Paths originates from the encounter between SMU-research and the French writer Philippe Vasset.
The pivotal element of their collaboration is the complex reality lying beneath Valle Borghesiana: this toponimo of Rome, starting point of the group’s research, exemplifies in a paradigmatic manner the territorial self-planning and self-management processes affecting many territories of Italy, where unauthorized development is the normalcy. The exhibition presents an extract of the work done by the group based on a tight relationship with the neighbourhood’s citizens. Vasset’s first-person narrative acts as counterbalance to SMU-research work, and it invades the gallery both in its immaterial dimension – through the voice which permeates the space – and in its physical dimension – through pieces of writing printed on the walls.

Informal Paths  include the cycle Public Speech which, on a weekly basis, “activates” the gallery space with Narratives, Visions and Self-organizations. Films of all meetings with artists, activists, critics and intellectuals will be available to the public in the exhibition spaces for the whole duration of the exhibition.

Photos: Musacchio Ianniello, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI