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Imparare da Borghesiana

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2nd International Workshop on the Informal City
Workshop on Field in Public History
unbanXchange in collaboration with Consorzi di Valle Borghesianae Ponte di Nona Pratofiorito.

Valle Borghesiana, Roma
14th to 18th July 2009

contact: urbanXchange(at)self-made-city.net

During the workshop „Public History“ in collaboration with local inhabitants and with Consorzi di Valle Borghesiana, we will collect personal stories and collective experiences in order to reconstruct the history of the settlement: the construction phase, the phase of self organization and collective negotiation in within the community and with the political authorities until the formation and consolidation of this settlements. Starting from the point of view and in collaboration with the protagonists, we will develop a public presentation and visual narrative.
The other key point of our intervention on the territory is the question around the issues of (new) immigration and the processes of exclusion and inclusion as the question of the formation of a new concept of community in this very special neighbourhood.

More: http://self-made-city.net/projects/imparare-da-borghesiana